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The most promising Brand Safety Solution

Protect your brand from threats

Are your ads appearing on harmful or biased political content for quick revenue?
Solve these neglected issues with AiD, the AI ad solution.


Selected as the first Korean member of the IAB Tech Lab

Brand Safety

AI Solution, AiD

Ensuring Brand Safety in YouTube ads,
Protected by AI marketing solution AiD

Ensure a safe and clean brand advertising experience.
Increase ad exposure on positive content,

providing a better brand experience for consumers.

CCTV for your brand, protecting even after hours

Disappointed by the advertising platforms you trusted?
Don't let your ads appear in inappropriate content anymore.
Connect your Google Ads account, and AiD will block inappropriate placements for you.





Real-time analysis of ad placements

Automatic filtering for ads on sensitive content

Manage brand ad placements safely

Simple setup

Easily connect Google Ads with AiD

through Google Login

Safe 24/7

Uninterrupted safety monitoring

with real-time AI analysis

Easy reporting

Real-time dashboard

for Brand Safety analysis results

Proven reliability through data


Vast data utilized in AI development


Accumulated data analysis of ad placements


Average proportion of sensitive content in the ad budget

Try AiD for free for a limited period.

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