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AiD protects brand's image
by blocking ads from
appearing in harmful contents.
Data used for AiD algorithm

Ad Spend for AiD Algorithm


Clients using AiD

Why does no one care about
where their video ads are shown?
What if our ads end up on videos that are
somewhat embarrassing, filled with hateful speech,
or far from our targeted audience?


With AiD,

you can access these possibilities!

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AiD, blocking harmful contents

Protect your brand value

with our video understanding AI.

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Analyze the safety of ad impressions

Determine the safety of particular ad placements

to prevent budget waste and protect your campaign.


Analyzing previous ad campaign data


Evaluating brand safety status


Providing in-depth advertising insights

Contextual Targeting

Enhance recall, favorability, and brand affinity

by ensuring ads appear in safe, contextual contents.


157%, Reduced Cost-Per-Click


56%, Increased Click-Through Rate


9%, Reduced Cost-Per-Mille

Reduce wasted ad budget

Maximize your ad performance with a limited budget.


-> Easily identify the proportion

     of sensitive videos.

Assist in agile decision-making

Through data visualization, you can quickly and easily get insights, blocking sensitive videos at a glance.

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-> Monitor costs and proportions

    of sensitive videos

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The No.1 brand safety solution trusted by clients

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Protect your brand's value
and increase ad efficiency with AiD.

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