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Protecting brand safety in video ads


AiD protects brand value by blocking ad impressions

next to harmful content using our video understanding AI.

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Our Service

Experience the unique capabilities of AiD

with our AI-powered context analysis

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AiD: Blocking Harmful Content

Protect your brand value

with our industry-leading

video understanding AI.

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We create unprecedented solutions,

pioneering new markets and growing together

with the joy of innovation and development.

Backend Engineer


I was pleased to see this after joining Pyler.

Seeing everyone share with each other. 

Giving and accepting advice.

Collaborating to solve problems together.

I believe all these aspects contribute to Pyler's growth.

Product Designer


Pyler is still in the growth phase.

However, with a systematic and well-divided structure, we have an environment where everyone can fully commit to their responsibilities, offering unlimited growth potential.

Great colleagues and leaders are an added bonus!

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Account Executive 


Pyler is like a public square.

It’s open to everyone and allows for free participation! Just as many of the world’s changes and advancements began in public squares, Pyler serves as a space where everyone can freely express and execute their ideas and opinions, fostering new changes and advancements.

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